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Case Study

The Project

GPM provided consultation, technical support and on-campus graphics for the "Xavier Story Gallery", a physical experience to support the digital Xavier Story Project website.

The Gallery

The Gallery has provided the Xavier community with a place to learn, reflect and marvel at the achievements of a group of extremely brave, caring, visionaries. It also provides an effective tool for student recruitment, as high school tour groups have made it a stop on their Xavier agenda.

what we did


Initially, the Xavier Story Project team planned to display on only one wall, but then Xavier offered us a spacious open room at the heart of its University Center, which allowed us to be more ambitious in our design. Our resources were a 20-min video, a collection of historic photos/docs and the digital Xavier Alumni Map. GPM advised and supported the project’s directors as they designed and constructed four distinct “stations” around the room, as well as a continuously-playing 12.5-foot video projection and interactive tablets loaded with the Xavier Alumni Map.

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Visual Identity and Displays

The Xavier Story Project's three roll-out projects—websitemap and gallery—needed to share a common visual identity. We projected the digital styling onto Xavier's walls through constellations featuring info panels and imagery, striving to create an ambiance of tasteful reflection which engaged visitors

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 Video Viewing

12.5-foot screen with seating area

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 Wall displays

Raised forex image and information panels charting the Xavier story in four distinct chapters. Image features President Obama's speech at Xavier following Hurricane Katrina.

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 A Historical Journey

The project’s directors worked with Xavier University archivists to discover historically important photos, letters and documents to take visitors through the university’s unique and inspiring history.

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 Interactive tablets

Tablets locked down to display a campus-only version of the Xavier Alumni Map (view project), controlled remotely by GPM from our offices in Edinburgh.