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St. Stephen's International School hosts a series of on-campus event each Fall for new families, a community spanning 56 different countries. This crucial period presents the chance to learn more about the School which will shape their children's futures, meet the faculty, and tour the campus itself.


The global COVID-19 pandemic has made events like this impossible - a tremendous threat to the international schools sector.


GPM was challenged to develop a environment to engage prospective families. We set to work on a digital experience, in the shape of an online 'Open House'; live hosted multi-speaker webinars supported by a responsive web presentation and follow-up video-centric website, specifically for online attendeees.


The herculean effort from marketing, admissions and faculty departments at St. Stephen's paid off - we enjoyed incredible success. Over 150 families joined the inaugral online Open House. The school is full.


View the interactive presentation:


Vview the targeted video-centric website: